AUGUST SPECIAL - Dark Wood Mulch (Last Sale!)

Dark Wood Mulch is 20% off during the month of August! This is the last time it will be on sale in 2018!

Rock & Sand

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Clean Crushed Rock
Used for decorative, drainage and contained pathways.
2x4 and 4x8 Clean Crushed Rock
5/8" Clean Crushed Rock
2" Clean Crushed Rock
Compactable Rock
Used for roadbase and construction entrances.
1 1/4" Minus Compactable Crushed Rock
5/8" Minus Compactable Crushed Rock
Drain Rock
Used in French Drains, drain fields and as decorative rock.
Pea Gravel
Drain Rock
Rockery Rock
Fractured rock for walls, landscaping and rockery.
Vancouver Blue
White River Basalt
Sand & Rock
Screened builders sand.