Landscaping Tips and Tricks

Which topsoil do I need?
There are a variety of topsoils to choose from; Winter Mix is formulated specifically for lawns and planting mounds. It is suitable for planting shrubs, trees and evergreens. 70/30 mix is 70% sand and 30% compost and is excellent for lawns. 50/50 and 60/40 are both sand compost blends and very good growing mediums for seed and bedding plants. We recommend these soils for vegetable gardens and flower beds.

How much topsoil do I need?
Although it varies depending on your existing soil, you can generally use the Square Footage divided by 324 (this is what 1 yard covers 1 inch deep). Multiply the inches of depth desired or call us and we will calculate for you!

Should I use medium or fine bark?
The bark that you use as a weed deterrent and top mulch is really a matter of taste. Fine is a one inch minus and is usually a bit darker in color. Medium bark is a three inch minus and usually has a much brighter tone to its color than fine. Cedar bark, which is the best weed deterrent, maintains one color in both grades.

What other mulches can I use in place of bark?
Mulch is a term used for any material which top dresses and will protect plants in cold weather. If your purpose is to control weeds, we recommend bark. Organic compost works well as a mulch to retain water, add nutrients to the soil and protect plants in frigid weather. We do not recommend any compost for weed control.

We do make fortified mulch which is half compost and half bark. Weed control with this product is better than straight compost. This is a good option if you want the look of a dark bark while still adding nutrients to the soil and retaining moisture.

What are the correct materials to use when building a new driveway?
This depends completely on the prep work done on the road and if it is an existing road that needs a top coarse. We have materials from 2 to 4 base rock for muddy areas to base coarse and top coarse for simple driveway projects. Contact our experienced customer service personnel to help determine what you will need for your individual project.

Where is the appropriate place to use Recycled Concrete & Asphalt?
Makes a great underlayment for pavers, concrete pads, as it packs well. Can be used for filling potholes and patching driveways.